Thursday, November 14, 2013

Night Stalking

That's what I'm going to call it from now on.
I mean I'm night walking, but really I'm stalking.
Which again, is sort of creepy.
Anyways, on Tuesday I hit the beach part of Waikiki, not the whole thing but just part of it, you know, to see what it was like.
There's a beach walk that goes all along the sand part in front of all the hotels but again, I only walked part of it to see if there was anything to take pictures of.
Oh wait, first let's see some noir et blanc from my other favorite place, Sand Island Recreation Area where I went back to try my luck at those abandoned fields again:

There's something there that I'm still not able to capture.
Maybe it's the angle or something but I think I'm going back to try again.
Some dude fishing:

I actually took more digital images than film and I forgot to put the polarizer on the film camera so my water pictures all sucked.
It was also an overcast day and that was either good or bad, depends.
Mostly it was bad, for me anyways.
That was on Monday.
Tuesday night, it was night stalking:

Cops in Waikiki!
Same shot with the constellation Orion setting I believe, over head:

You'll need to enlarge that one and squint yer eyeballs to see the stars.
I took that on a groin thingy that sticks out into the ocean some and the tide was coming up almost splashing my precious gear.
I'll need to be more careful!
Self propelled water vehicles locked up for the night:

That part of beach walk was pretty deserted, probably cause it was getting late:

The Hilton dock:

There are some other images I got that I'm not too proud of, mostly because I was too lazy to set up the tripod.
I'm still the King!
Of lazy that is.
I did set up the tripod to get another angle of those parked boats:

I think I like that other one I posted up earlier better.
This night stalking thing is getting kinda serious as it was about 11:30pm when I finally headed for home.
Not before I got this:

Don't ask cause I don't know what a duck tour could possibly entail and I have a pretty good imagination.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, the walk home was long cause I was pretty tired and none of the soda machines at the bus stop was working.
I was sad.
Finally I took a picture of this bridge:

Just a little bridge that goes over the canal in the park.
I see something there with my nekkid eyeballs, but I'm just not able to transfer what I see to film.
Or to digitization.
Or something.
I'll have another go at it when I get back out stalking again which was supposed to be tonight but we were supposed to get some heavy rains that didn't appear.
So I practiced my lazy drills.
I'm getting really good.
Almost PRO.
I'm not stopping until I'm ALL-PRO.
The Lazy Hall of Fame is waiting.
Don't you know.

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