Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Final

In search of...
The Ala Wai bike path.
If there is one.
I think there's one.
First I had to get to the mall, my flash drive is about to go south and I can't afford to lose all my uh, stuff.
I stopped by here:

You know, to see if they had any jewel incrusted valve stem caps.
No luck.
The Apple store was crowded but I managed to push and shove my way about and get my thingy.
Okay, not really.
About the shoving part I mean.
Back to the path thingy.
Here I am on the Ala Wai promenade, the place I took those night shots at:

It felt sort of strange riding my bicycle here seeing as how I walked here just the other night.
Well I wasn't there for long.
The Ala Wai path is supposed to follow the canal all the way back to the other side of Waikiki.
It's around here somewhere.
The path I mean.
Could this be it?

Could be.
The back side of Waikiki:


Okay, the path doesn't really follow the canal all the way.
There's a municipal golf course along the canal and the path goes around it.
The golf course I mean.
Soon though I found myself here:

The Kapahulu Groin, or what we used to call Walls.
To the left is a surf spot.
To the right:

Another surf spot called Waikiki!
Actually Waikiki is made up of lots of surf spots like Queens, Populars, Canoes, etc.
My Friend Hoku is probably out there somewhere.
Okay maybe not today, it was pretty flat.
Not tires, waves.
I like this part of Waikiki and in fact used to hang out here quite a bit.
Old haunts:

This used to be a simple set of stairs that led to the water, now they made it accessible.
I spent many an afternoon here and many cold beverages just sitting and watching the sunset.
The World War I monument and natatorium is right behind.
This is the part of Waikiki where locals and families still hang out.
I think:

Sans Souci beach.
That's right, no worries.
I hung around there for a bit and lemme tell you, even the sun felt familiar.
Time to head back to reality.
This time I'm on the other side of the canal:

I was on the other side, now I'm on this side.
Which took me all the way back to Ala Moana Beach Park.
I was going to stay for the sunset, but I was getting hungry.
Time to go home:

I shot another two rolls of film but I won't have it done until later this week.
It's sort of interesting that although back at the other place in Kailua I lived like ten minutes from the beach, I hardly went there.
I spent more beach time in Waikiki than any other place.
Today I took the long way there, it's actually easier the other way.
Next time I'll go right through the concrete jungle.
Next time will be sooner rather than later.


Trevor Woodford said...

I love visiting old haunts...thanks for taking us on your visit to one of yours....

limom said...

I got a feeling some are going to become haunts again.