Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Film, film, film.
My brain is turning into film.
Or maybe it already is like film.
Transparent and blotchy.
I dunno.
Anyways, the other day I got this:

I have decided to try my luck with some serious color film.
At seven bucks a pop it's not for fooling around with, something I do with the color film I already have.
Usually I only use that stuff to test out the new to me cameras I get, you know, to make sure they are exposing correctly.
Mostly I want to test it out by doing the same kind of night shots I've been taking cause noir et blanc just ain't doing it for me:

Probably user error and I think I need to over expose a bit and use some real film not that cheap stuff I got.
Some stuff comes out okay:

Some stuff comes out not okay:

Some stuff comes out just plain crazy!

Okay, not really.
That was a double exposure and I'm still trying to figure out how to make those work.
Better I mean.
Maybe I just need some glasses:

Or something.
I got five rolls or so of that cheapo film left so for now I'll just keep a shootin and a walkin:

A developin and a scannin.
A peepin and a creepin.
Okay, not really.
About the creepin part.
Though I suppose walking around at night with a camera is kinda creepy.
Sort of.


Steve A said...

Is that film made by "Kodak Alaris" nowadays?

limom said...

Haven't heard anything else about that Kodak division.