Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Five rolls.
That's what I scanned yesterday, five rolls of film.
Took me damn near the whole day.
More on this later.
On Thursday, I did manage to make it into Waikiki for the Halloween festivities.
As usual, it was packed making parts of the sidewalks barely passable:

It took me about 10 minutes or so to navigate that 30 foot section.
I just held up the camera and pushed the shutter.
It was so crowded, I didn't get very good images.
What I should have done was parked myself somewhere and just waited for folks to walk by.
That's not the Waikiki Halloween experience though.
You gotta walk from one end to the other and be part of the crowd!
Lotta maidens and such:

The French maid thingy was also popular, but I didn't get any good shots of them.
The French maids I mean.
Folks were passing to close to me and dudes like this didn't help:

That's the Moana Surfrider in the background.
I was supposed to stop by the Banyan Tree bar to get a Chi Chi, but I forgot.
A virgin Chi Chi don't you know.
I also took some film:

Here I am passing in front of the Moana.
A couple of out of focus bunnies:

Not fast enough with the lens.
It was also on the dark side so I had a difficult time focusing.
I know, excuses, excuses.
The crowd:

One day I'll make it to Front Street in Lahaina cause they rock Halloween pretty good too.
Or so I heard.
More maidens:

That's a Loyal Order of the Waterbuffalo dude in the back.
I got to get me one of them hats!
Some folks acting normal:

I gotta work on my shooting skills cause there were a lot more uh, pretty sites to uh, capture.
Maybe next year.
Those film shots are only parts of the five rolls I scanned yesterday.
I spent the better part of Saturday over at work and I still got two more rolls to do!
Better get started so I can still have part of Sunday to do my laziness drills.
Off I go!


John Romeo Alpha said...

If you get the chance, can you teach the maidens to knock it off with the gang signs in every photo?

I assume your costume was Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now? Where's the selfie of that?

Steve A said...

Golly, I'd forgotten about Dennis Hopper in that film.

limom said...

JRA, I see what you mean.
I think they think it's dope.
Or something.
I'm saving Dennis Hopper for next year.
I got the bandana, I just need the aviators.

Steve A, seriously?