Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Final

Actually the Late, Late Edition.
Hopefully I get this done by midnight and it's not tomorrow.
Anyways, more of the same thing I did last night except it was overcast all day and night.
Which can be good or bad, depending on what you're shooting for.
Sunset was out so I didn't bother to leave until after the well, sun went down.
Too late for the moon was already up and being well, moonly:

I didn't really think the moon could be seen as when I went out to check it was all hidden by clouds.
It was pretty still out with very little wind so I decided to go and get some shots anyway.
Then all of a sudden the clouds thinned out so I moved as fast as my little feet could well, move, before the moon got too high above the horizon.
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see me in the bottom left corner.
I had to move to another spot:

I still haven't gone over these shots yet as I'm under a deadline.
Got to get this out before I turn into  pumpkin.
Or worse.
Then I went over to the other side of the park:

There was a dude fishing there and he kindly allowed me to use his silhouette:

Then I went back to the other side of the park again:

By now the moon was too high for me to get it in the frame.
Maybe Tuesday I can leave earlier and the moon should be rising later.
Then I came back, but not before getting one of these:

Oh yeah baby!
Green slushy thingy!
Okay I'm starting to turn orange so there I go.
More on tonight later.


Andrew Cooper said...

The fisherman's silhouette is one of the best photos you have posted lately. The pole and cooler speaks of a simpler life, a huge contrast to the high rise buildings. Great photo with a story to tell!

limom said...

I lucked out.
Having someone stay still for a five to fifteen second exposure ain't easy.
I often get carried away with the technical aspects of taking pictures and forget it is about the narrative or story.
Also one of the few pictures I take with people in it which I'm afraid is saying something about me.
More on this later.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I crave more details about your photographic technique, as well as your equipment hauling system!

limom said...

Your wish is my command.