Friday, November 8, 2013

Night Walk

Walking, walking, walking.
More walking.
Not aimless walking around mind you, but purposeful walking with a well, purpose.
Last night the goal was to check out the park, not the beach part but the grass part cause when I passed by the other night it looked sort of interesting.
Well it turned out it wasn't so interesting after all.
Just a lot of grass.
There was some other interesting looking stuff though:

These are only the digital stuffs, I still have a couple of rolls to develop probably tomorrow.
Interestingly enough these are all places I've rode pass via bicycle, but I think when you are on foot it's easier to see different angles.
Now I'm on a mission of sorts to walk all the places around here I've ridden just to see if there's anything I missed.
I'm sure I have.
Shooting digital is a nice break from all that film and I'm starting to appreciate it more:

Some shots just beg for resolution and sharpness and it's nice to be able to go back and pull out the best out of an image.
Something you cannot really do with film as for the most part you have to work the image in-camera.
I mean I remember doing some stuff in the darkroom but I believe that darkroom work is a whole 'nother skill.
Then again I think there are shots that look better on film.
To each his own I suppose.
Okay, I gotta go finish that roll so I can put it in the tank tonight.
Scans to come tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey J,
LOVE the ones of the boats and the harbour! M

limom said...

Lemme know you wanna print.