Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

The secret is out!
Black and white film rocks!
Especially when you develop it yourself:

Yesterday I showed a few of the kids how to develop their black and white film.
It got a bit messy and they made some rookie errors but over all it came out okay:

Some of the kids have been shooting film before me but no one was shooting noir et blanc because of the processing cost.
The local photo place was charging about seven bucks for developing!
Well the photo club was supposed to cover the cost of the chemicals, reimbursing me, but as any good promoter of addicting substances I let them do their first rolls for free.
Oh yeah baby now they're hooked!
Hopefully we'll get to see how their images came out as I started a Flickr group called what else? one point perspective.
I'm trying to get the kids to look at more pictures so that they can see for themselves what is a good photo and maybe what is a not so good photo.
Then maybe they can compare their own work and see how they can get better.
I was only supposed to be at work for four hours but it ended up being more like six.
On a Saturday.
Well I went home and guess what?
That's right short sleep fans!
I took a nap.
Laziness drills don't you know.
Well the weather finally cleared up some so I hit the pavement, this time a little earlier than I usually leave to hit the pavement.
I was only going out for an hour or so, I had roll to finish, but as usual I  stayed out a bit longer.
I was traveling light but I managed to get this:

Hand held!
Boy lemme tell you that Vibration Reduction (VR in Nikonese) works!
It's not super duper sharp but sharp enough for me and that image is like a half second exposure.
Anyways, I'm headed out again tonight with the ole tripod to get a super super super duper sharp image and hopefully the moon will be lower on the horizon.
I also managed to get this:

Remember that?
I got that a couple of months ago and I almost never use it cause it's never around here.
Mostly I leave that camera at school for the kids to use and I've never really had the chance to push the shutter button in anger.
Well it's home now and just in time for an impromptu family portrait:

That's embarrassing.
I'm leaving out the other FG and FG20 at school.
The disclaimer is that all them film cameras cost less than one of them digital beasts and all of them have been used in the last month or so.
Still I'm a bit ashamed to have so many of them picture taking machines.
Kinda makes me think I need a new bicycle.
Thankfully I sold that Canon AE1 and another kid bought that Canon ATsomethingorother for ten bucks.
Which is what I paid.
Anything to encourage more customers er, photographers.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I gotta go do some laziness drills and store up some energy for later this afternoon.
Time for some sunset pics.
Weather and laziness permitting.

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