Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

It's over.
Tomorrow,  go back to the daily grind.
I actually like my job so I'm sort of looking forward to it!
Okay, not the first week which includes two days of meetings and such but the week after when all the kids come back and I get to test out all the new forms of diabolical torture I've been planning all summer long.
Which includes pinhole photography.
The second to the last camera I'm going make is a Large Format (LF) camera called so because it takes pictures in a 4x5 size:

The top two thingys are film holders, the bottom two are meant to do Polaroids, or in this case today, Fuji FP100c film and the yet to come New55.
More on the New55 later.
If ever.
So anyways, this camera is designed around those film backs:

Which makes it the easiest camera to make: basically a box with a pinhole in it.
No film transports to think about.
The film backs all have different stack heights:

So figuring out how to attach them takes a bit o'thought.
Which I haven't done.
Think about it I mean.
I just came up with this:

Simple clamp using some drawer knobs I got at the man store.
I'll probably do some kind of hinged thingy or a swinging hook, but again the problem is changing the height of the clamp to accommodate all the different holders.
Anyways, this is the front:

The width of the camera was well, wider than the precut wood I'm using and I did glue two pieces together to cover, but I didn't like it so I decided to use some black plex to cover the front.
I kinda like it in a Darth Vader kind of way and I like how the shutter sort of 'floats' on the front.
Anyways, you get your Fuji peel apart film, in this case FP100c, and you load it up in your film thingy and you put the film thingy on the back of the camera and you open the pinhole and take your picture:

The first picture taken from my lanai.
Then there were a whole bunch of fails cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing.
So I did some mods and stuff and yesterday I got this:

Kids at football practice taking a water break.
The pics with a real camera:

It was warm out yesterday.
So I'm still thinking about whether or not I'm going to shoot real film with this thing as it involves getting a whole bunch of new stuff like film tanks and holders to develop seeing as how the film is so well, large.
It's also not very cheap.
The film I mean.
Neither are the peel aparts for that matter as they run about a dollah a shot.
The black and white film that is no longer being made runs about two bucks a pop.
On the other hand it s LF so I suppose the added expense can be expected.
Sort of.
If I do go with real film then I guess I might as well get a real LF camera and those aren't too inexpensive either.
Well compared to the ones I made I mean.
So anyways, let me go out and enjoy my last day of freedom, the last day of my summer vacation.
Off I go!

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