Friday, February 19, 2010


The Flat Tire Staff

HONOLULU - The Flat Tire has received exclusive images of what is thought to be a "black" funded State project to develop a new waterless swimming pool system. The new system is believed to be undergoing rigorous beta testing at this undisclosed location. The waterless technology is preferred over aquatic swimming for the new pools will be less expensive to maintain and there will be little chance of accidental drownings.
If the new technology proves useful, it will be used exclusively at rural and inner city public housing projects.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Think of the weight savings--it's the carbon fiber of swimming pools! Also it's uber green, no chlorine gas needed.

limom said...

The Flat Tire informant has said that while testing results have been positive, those involved have reported that something is "not quite the same."

dogimo said...

Black ops projects funded at the State and Municipal level! Unprecedented! Disturbing.

Trickle-down espionage, anyone?

This project must be stopped. Get a hose.

limom said...

The Flat Tire neither endorses nor encourages any acts of revolution or anarchy.