Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So who's been messing with the visitor counter?
I mean it's like I come home and I'm feeling sort of light headed cause they just sucked like four litres of fluid out of me and so I check on the blog thing cause I got some hits from some people searching NASDAQ and I'm wondering what the hell anyone searching NASDAQ is doing on a cycling blog and I figure it must because of Evil Hoku because it's always Evil Hoku's fault and his name just happens to be the same as a local tech company that the guys from NASDAQ must be searching for and making my visitor counter jump but it's not like two thousand seven hundred of them just suddenly logged on the site cause just last week it there was only like three hundred visitors and now there's like two thousand seven hundred hits but its not from the NASDAQ people cause Googlio Analytico says only three of them checked the site and they checked out without looking around so it pretty much bummed me out that I had some visitors but they just bounced right out of here even though I try to make the blog interesting and all for like everybody but I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time even if it's like two thousand seven hundred of em but it's not really two thousand seven hundred of em cause someone's been messing with my visitor counter and I want to know just who it was cause when I came home and checked the blog at first I was kinda happy that so many people had come to see what this blog was all about but then I thought no way did two thousand seven hundred people come and check this blog out in one day cause the most people that ever came here in one day was only like five and if two thousand seven hundred people did in fact come and visit the blog in one day I'm pretty sure my computer would like blow up or something cause it's a pretty old computer that I got about three years ago back when I needed a computer cause I was taking this online class that said my old computer wasn't good enough so I had to go out and buy a new computer which turned out to be a good thing cause my old computer was pretty slow and there's no way that old computer could have handled having two thousand seven hundred people come and visit the blog if the blog was written on that old computer which it isn't cause it's written on this computer which is sort of old too but not as old as the other computer so it should handle having two thousand seven hundred people if in fact there were two thousand seven hundred people who visited the blog which there is no way in hell of that ever happening unless I take out an add in a newspaper in every metropolitan area of th United States and even then I don't think that two thousand seven hundred people would log on to check this blog out unless there was some catch to it like I was offering something for free like hotdogs or lottery tickets whick I can't do since there's no lottery here but we do have hotdogs which is kinda cool cause I like hotdogs with some American cheese on it and relish and mustard only I don't use mustard when I put on the cheese cause that would be like eating a pizza with mustard on it which when you think about it is sort of demented like riding a bicycle with no tires on but it happens cause I seen a video about it on Youtube with some dudes riding their bikes just on the rims so it must be for real cause everything on the internets is real and if you believe that I got some land on the Big Island I want you to invest in but I only have pictures of it on the internet which is okay because everything on the internet is real and besides it's me talking not some nutjob you just met on the street or on some blog about cycling like this one that has visitor counter that is like two thousand seven hundred visitors off because some people seem to think it has something to do with a tech company here that just happens to have the same name as Evil Hoku and it's his fault anyways that the blog is getting some hits from people thinking this has something to do with NASDAQ and I'm wondering if maybe one of them put a virus in my visitor counter to make me like blow my mind when I logged on tonight just to check and see how things were going and to read some of the other blogs I'm following that have visitor counters that apparently work fine which is funny cause the visitor counter on my blog is just in some visitor counter fantasy land wishing more people would come and visit the blog so it's starting to make up visitor hits cause maybe it feels lonely that only like five people a day come and visit this blog while some other blogs I follow got like hundreds or thousands of followers that visit everyday while my blog only wishes it could get like two thousand seven hundred visits so much so that the visitor counter has to go and make up numbers just so I can feel important or something which isn't really important cause let's face it I got better things to do than to write on this blog.
Don't you know.

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dogimo said...

Here's why I don't have one of those things.

limom said...

He's a bit opinionated and he eats a lot, but other than that he's okay.