Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Final

The Crayola company was founded in 1885.
It's interesting to note that one of their first products was dustless chalk.
Well, Crayola has come a long way baby:

Seems as though someone, and I'm not mentioning who, even if I did know I wouldn't say, but someone went and vandalized city property.
The Bike Path Avenger(BPA)!

Well, maybe not vandalized for this certain person was questioned by a police officer who witnessed this certain person in the act of, well, whatever this person was doing. After a brief conversation, the said officer drove off.
Will the message this certain person was trying to deliver be acknowledged or disregarded?
Have we seen the last of the Bike Path Avenger?
Not far from the scene of the crime, was a new mystery:

What were the hidden messages on these signs? I had noticed them for about a week now and resisted the temptation to uncover one of them. It seems that along with the new pavement, some changes are forthcoming to the road.
I thought that perhaps they were finally adding a new bike lane to the street. Not that it really needs it; the road in question is five lanes wide and goes through a residential area.
Anyways, somewhere in the middle of my ride I passed this on the side of the road:

Believe it or not, people pay a pretty penny for coconut trees. I remember reading an article in the paper that said some palm trees can fetch thousands of dollars, depending on what kind of tree it is. It's not that strange to see coconuts trees here being hauled along the freeway headed for who knows where.
Part of Kailua was in fact a copra plantation once upon a time. A section is still known locally as Coconut Grove.
Well, I was feeling pretty good so I decided to torture myself a little.
This is Flat Tire Land:

Why haven't I posted that image before?
Well, to take that shot, I have to climb a hill that makes my legs want to do this:

Anyways, if you look at the picture, the rest of Kailua is to the left and Lanikai is to the right. If you look really close, you can see the Flat Tire Land flag flying from our offices.
Okay, not really.
On the way to the Hill of Death, one mystery was solved:

Just as I thought!
A new bike lane!
Could this be a job for the Bike Path Avenger?


John Romeo Alpha said...

If you could only carry one color of Crayola Sidewalk chalk in your seat bag, what color would you chose? The color of sidewalk chalk in the seat bag says a lot about a rider. Orange would be mine, because orange is the fastest color.

limom said...

I respectfully disagree.
EVERYONE knows that red is the fastest.
Though if I had to carry one color, probably green.
I dislike green(not lime green) so that way if any green markings appeared, I wouldn't be implicating myself.
Don't you know.

dogimo said...

I love the Crayola company!

That top chalk doesn't look dustless, though.

limom said...

Dustless chalk=oxymoron.
I mean really.
My guess is that previous to Crayola's innovation, chalk came in the powdered form.
That must have been messy.