Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not So Super Sunday

Well, I got home in time to catch the game.
Not that it mattered.
It did give me a reason to go out and get a bag of Fritos and some dip.
My ride to today flat out sucked.
Then again, anytime I'm out riding my bike is not a complete dose of suckage.
It was a gorgeous day with little wind. That was the good part.
The bad part was that my legs felt like this:

I sort of felt like my stereo trying to pound out AC/DC with only 3.5 watts. Except in this case, my legs felt like they were putting out 3.5 milliwatts.
Anyways, at least I got out on the bike.
The Superbowl has lost it's luster for me.
I stopped paying close attention perhaps ten years ago; so long that I don't remember watching a complete game.
Today, it's just like any other thing on T.V.: background noise.
The game has just become too commercial. It's not just about the game anymore. It's become all about corporate symbols.
Like cycling, I'm waiting for them to put some logos on those uniforms. Not the small Nike, adidas, or Underarmor stuff, I mean huge corporate logos that would go right above the numbers.
Then again, when you really think about it, the teams are huge commercial enterprises, marketing their goods every Sunday.
Speaking of logos, a film by Naomi Klein aptly titled No Logo, is worth watching if you are interested in corporate branding, globalization and the effect all that is having on the world. See what free trade zones are really about.
Now, I'm no angel. I got stuff with logos on em all over the place. The film though, has made me think twice about the goods that I purchase.
So anyways, The Who is on now and I guess I should watch the second half so at least I know who won.
Unless something like Law & Order is on.
These kids found something better to do than to sit around and watch the game:

I dig how they are all on bikes and the kid with the trike is carrying all the skateboards.
Oh, and one last thing.
I always drink a Jones Soda on my rides. Cream soda rocks and I like to read the stuff they put under the caps.
Well, I got a couple of interesting ones this week:

I think I'm adding that one to the sidebar even though I don't quite know what it's telling me. I think it's some kind of code.
Then today, I got this one:

I'm throwing that one away.


dogimo said...

It should be "write a good poem." They need to raise the stakes a bit, pressure-wise.

Man, your knees are BUFF!

limom said...

I Imagine "write a good poem" would cause some panic.
Don't just write a poem, write a GOOD one!
That's pressure!
I got the "good with words" cap again yesterday.
I think the Jones people are mocking me.
Or trying to tell me something.
If you think my knees look good, you should see my elbows.