Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like a Rock, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

I like Bob Seger.
Songs like Against the Wind, and Nightmoves were practically anthems when I was growing up.
Kinda partial to Mainstreet myself.
Today as I rode along, I kept thinking of the Seger song in the Chevrolet commercial, Like a Rock.
Probably because the Beach Bike felt like it came out of the Slate Rock and Gravel Company:

Better yet, in another life it was a boat anchor.
Or something.
Whatever it is it does not feel like extruded aluminum. Seems like those fenders added another GAGILLION pounds to the frame.
I'll be glad when I'm back on the other bike Friday. I broke a spoke the other day so I have to true up the wheel:

So anyways, today's little excursion to the store turned into a nine mile ride. That's strange for the store is only about a mile away and when I left, I was pretty beat.
Did I mention the fact that it felt like I was rolling along on two flat tires?
There is something about getting on the bike though, something that makes you want to keep pedaling and keep on going. So today, I passed the store and kept on going.
With no particular place to go.
Is that a Chuck Berry song?
So I just rolled along, enjoying the waning afternoon light. There's a primitive pleasure I get out of just rolling along, breeze in face, sun at my back. I say primitive for it is not a conscious pleasure. How can it be pleasure when you start huffing and a puffing and your legs start to catch fire?
Perhaps it's that old hunter/gatherer instinct calling me out to the open air. A need to roam my territory, explore the range.
The thing that kept me rollin along today was the same feeling that makes me look up at the night sky with wonder and marvel at the stars.
Okay, this is getting way too hokey.
That Jones Soda bottle cap has put me in a delusional tizzy.
Where was I going with this?
Ah yes, riding around.
So anyways, I finally remembered why I was out there and headed on back to the store to pick up a few things:

Okay, I didn't really pick up a copy of Frampton Comes Alive! I took that image a while back and never had a chance to use it.
Until now.
And right now, I wish I was still out there in the afternoon sun, rolling, rolling, rolling:

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