Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Impact Edition

10:45AM HST
Obama adressing the nation.

If the tsunami hits, his vacation home is toast.
All eyes are on Hilo.

10:46AM HST
Local news reporting unusual tide activity.
Wave buoy off off Kauai is reading a south eastern swell.

10:55AM HST
News images are focused on Hilo Bay and Oahu beaches.
Kailua High School is open as an evacuation area.
Looks like what appears to be a passenger jet flying into HNL.
Local news reporting that French Polynesia reporting waves in the six foot level. American Samoa also reporting waves.

Presumably, all eyes are on Hilo Bay now.
All is calm.

10:58AM HST
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has reported that they are in lock down.
Images of the evacuation zone show empty streets.

11:03AM HST
Hilo Bay camera shows all is still normal.

11:05AM HST
Hilo Bay conditions normal.

11:19AM HST
Hilo Bay still normal.
Local news showing image of lone person wading in the ocean off Waikiki.

11:32AM HST
Hilo Bay camera showing some water movement.
Looks like water is receding.

11:35AM HST
Water in Hilo Bay continues to recede.
Person in Hilo reports water level dropping.
Water remains calm.

11:37AM HST
Water can be seen being sucked seaward. White wash and more rocks being exposed.

11:39AM HST
Conditions in Hilo Bay changing quickly.
Water continues to recede at a faster rate.

11:43AM HST
Water in Hilo Bay now changing again.
Water is beginning to fill back in.

11:48AM HST
Water in Hilo Bay is receding again.

I approximate the water movement to be +/- two feet.

11:58AM HST
Water is moving out of Hilo Bay.
Appears to be like flood waters moving out.
Kahalui Harbor in Maui reports receding water.
Water movement is now rapid.

12:09PM HST
Kahului Harbor reporting movement of one meter.
Hilo Bay water continues to surge.
Surges reported on Oahu.

So far, no large wave. Thankfully.
It does appear that the surge action in Hilo Bay is becoming stronger and the change in water level is more drastic.
Hopefully, all we get are the surges.
The surges are dangerous though. The water builds inland, then sucks back out.
In the Hilo Bay cam, it appears the water is moving very quickly.

12:32PM HST
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is saying that Hawaii "dodged a bullet."
Water surge evident now in Waikiki Beach cams.

13:15PM HST
Waiting for the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to call the all clear which may come by 14:00PM HST.
Olympic coverage returns.


dogimo said...

Shoot dude. I'm glad nothing happened! I didn't even hear about this.

How often do you get a serious warning? I'm glad most people seem to take it seriously. That one dude wading is an idiot.

Unless it was meant as a poetic sort of "openness to suicide."

limom said...

I'm glad nothing happened too!
Some people here have been through false alarms before so it's great how they responded.
The dude in the water?
There was his fifteen seconds of fame.