Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Early Edition

1:30 AM HST
Due to a magnitude 8.8 earthquake that rocked Chile tonight, Hawaii is now under a tsunami warning.
Basically what this means is that we will get unusual water/wave activity sometime around 11:19AM(HST).
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center people are on the T.V. right now saying how this earthquake is the largest they have seen since 1964.
At this time, scientist are sure a wave is on its way; they just aren't sure about the size. They are still awaiting measurements from monitoring buoys in the deep ocean so that they can better model the expectant wave.
This is not the first time I been through a tsunami warning.
Back in the early nineties, Civil Defense sirens sent people home from work when a tsunami warning was given. At that time, a small wave, really only about the same as the high tide rolled in so there was no damage.
The second time it happened here, the wave was though to be larger and people were actually told to evacuate to high ground.
Cars lined the highway above my home; people waited for the wave that never came.
Better to be safe than sorry.

At this time, we are being to instructed to await Civil Defense instructions.

2:30AM HST
Local news reporting that a 9 foot wave hit the coast of Chile. Aftershocks of 6.5 and 5.4 magnitude reported.
Local news quoting Pacific Tsunami Warning Center as saying they expect a "decent" sized tsunami here.
This doesn't sound good.

2:45AM HST
CNN reporting that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is predicting wave of 10 to 15 feet to hit.

4:00AM HST
Local news reporting Civil Defense sirens will sound off at 6:00AM HST. Civil Air Patrols will fly over areas not covered by sirens. Low lying areas will be evacuated.
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warns of incoming waves that could last for six to ten hours.
Honolulu Advertiser reporting that the Department of Transportation is calling for ships to head out to sea and clear the ports.
No one knows what to expect.
The Flat Tire reports staff is getting sleepy.

8:47AM HST
The Honolulu Advertiser is reporting the tsunami wave is expected to be approximately three meters high.
This definately is not good.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Take care Limom, everyone at the Oceanography Institute of Onespeedgo Online University is sending you/loved ones/staff members/bicycles their best wishes.

limom said...

Thank you for the concern.
The Flat Tire offices thankfully are located a couple of miles inland and at least a hundred above sea level.
No real worries here.
My worry is for rest of the islands.
This doesn't look good.