Friday, July 13, 2012


Oh yeah baby!
Two more weeks!
Actually first day back is on the 24th and lemme tell you I can't wait.
The Flat Tire is expanding:

Finally got a look at the room I'll be in.
Oh yeah baby the new Flat Tire Remote Command Center(FTRCC)!
Not too shabby for a first year probi.
Well okay, it's not my room.
I have to share.
I also  have a CTE class to do and I'm using another classroom for that too.
It's not too bad though for the other class is right next door.
I don't know for sure exactly what I'm teaching and where for I haven't got any schedules or anything.
The new school I'm at is another urban school smack dab in the middle of Honolulu, one of the older schools on the island.
I'm just in one of the newer buildings.
I think I have all the beginning photo classes as there is another teacher doing the advanced stuff.
A curriculum is already in place though there is room for some improvisation.
Which is my middle name don't you know.
Now I'm not so worried about putting lesson plans together and figuring out a semester plan and all that.
We even have a text:

Which really helps for it means all the students can be on the same page, so to speak, and it will help me indoctrinate them young minds in The Way of the Flat Tire(TWOTFT).
Assimilate or fail.
I also need to find a place to hang the flag:

You know, so they can pledge allegiance.
There are like six point and shoot cameras for the students, cameras that can be set to manual so they can fool around with shutter and f/stops and stuff, and six computer stations all running Photo Shop.
To tell you the truth, I was hoping for a bit more, but this is more than the last photo class I was in.
So I'm all ready to go!
Sort of.
I mean right now, after meeting with the fellow who taught this last year, I feel more like a plug and play teacher rather than one having a go at it from scratch.
Which is good thing for I need all the help I can get.
It could also be a bad thing, teaching someone else's curriculum, but I'll reserve comments until I really get going.
Anyways, I am so freaking stoked!
I can't wait for summer to be over!
I also can't believe I just said that.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Welcome to the Limomocracy! Clay, bicycles, cream soda, cheese rolls: any questions?

limom said...

The Flat Tire Way is the divine way.
Sort of.

Steve A said...

So. Will your students shortly be doing a gagillion posts as extra credit!

limom said...

More on that later.