Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Well okay, it's not really early.
That's only because this video I made is taking like forever to load up.
Anyway, it's all about the bowls.
More bowls!
I'm going Bowl Crazy(BC)!
The pressure is on for I talked to My Friend Kyle yesterday as we were working on the roof of the Holy Oracle of the Copper Red, and he's been busy too so he hasn't had any time to make any stuff.
Which is not good for we are only 21 days out from the Haleiwa Art Festival.
Not to be confused with being 56 days out from Cyclovia Hawaii and Hele On Kailua.
So many deadlines, so little time.
Some bowls came out of the kiln the other day, and there was an explosion:

Looks like there was some air in the bottom of that bowl and it just let loose.
Fabricator error.
Hey! I'm not perfect.
Even monkeys fall from trees.
Make that one more bowl I gotta make.
Yesterday I had to go into Honolulu to get some pyrometric cones for the kiln.
What I dislike very much about going into town:

I suppose what bothers me so much is that I'm one of them, just another car in a line.
Oh well, can't lug around a 25lbs block of clay over the hill.
Which I needed.
The clay I mean.
For I've been a bowl making fiend!

Those are yesterday's bowls waiting to get trimmed.
More on this later.
If that video ever loads up.
After I finished those up, I made guess what?
That's right!
More bowls!
Anyways, the trimming part takes about as long as the making part.
You can see that bowl on the wheel there doesn't yet have a foot on it and I still need to finish up the shape of the shoulder.
Okay, never mind trying to explain it.
Here's how you do it:

I know I said not to try that at home and seriously, don't try that at home.
Most folks will use some wet clay around the edge to hold the bowl securely to the top of the wheel.
Since I am a highly skilled professional, I use magic to hold the bowl down.
Sort of.
If you do try this at home, use the clay or your bowl will go flying off the wheel and you'll be all sad.
Remember, I told you so.
Anyways, today is meeting day and I've got all kinds of stuff to get ready.
I also need to make more bowls!
Actually, I'll be glazing some bowls tonight.
We'll see how that goes.

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