Monday, July 30, 2012

Off I go!

First day!
Sort of.
I mean I was there last week, but doing mostly prep stuff.
Today is the first day with actual not grown up people.
Though it's only freshmen.
Still, they do count as students, what seniors think of them notwithstanding.
Actually there will be freshmen and seniors here today as the seniors mentor the freshmen.
Something I think all school should do as the transition from middle to high school can be very difficult.
So anyways, falling asleep last night took some time as I kept going over things in my head.
This was different from thinking, which is usually dangerous, it was more like visualizing.
Lemme tell you, I did a lot of visualizing!
I don't really have first day jitters or anything, more like I'm anxious to start.
New career and all that sort of thing.
I sort of feel like I should take some time to reflect back and remember why I 'm doing what I'm doing and how I got here.
Time to remember all the good teachers I worked with and some of the tricks I learned.
Classroom management is one of the things that makes a good instructor and managing a classroom ain't easy!
Also time to remember all the bad teachers I worked with and all of the stuff I promised myself I wouldn't do.  Bad teachers make bad students and while I teach art, a bad art teacher makes a bad art.
Or something like that.
Okay, maybe I am a little jittery, but only because of that pesky Mac thing and knowing that my Mac Jedi skilz are sub par.
I need to work on that so I'll probably be getting one.
A Mac book or iEvilness I mean.
I'll probably need to learn some Adobe CS stuff like Illustrator and Dreamweaver so I'll studying up on more than just PS.
Good news!
Something Wonderful is on!
Despite a rather large setback, we have decided to forge ahead and go with our original plans.
Things were touch and go for a bit there, but we figured that we have way too much invested to just quit now.
We are less than a month out, 27 days I believe so things will be happening quickly from now on.
We've got most of the bicycle shops on the island involved and hopefully most of the bicycle clubs too.
Things are shaping up!
A major sponsor also came through with some major coin so that helped push us forwards.
More on this later.
Okay, first day.
Off I go!

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