Thursday, July 5, 2012

Third Time's A Charm?

I sure as hell hope so!
Cause lemme tell you, I'm sort of running out of charm.
Just came back from my third job interview of the summer and boy! it didn't feel like it went so well.
The first interview is the hardest.
Nerves and all that.
You need make sure you get your message across.
The second interview is easier.
Now you sort of  know what to expect and what kind of questions you'll get.
There's a standard form don't you know.
So now at least you can think of your answers before you go and make sure you're covering all the bases.
Except for the second interview, I wasn't really qualified.
They were looking for a culinary arts teacher.
Don't get me wrong, I can cook to save my life, but you aren't getting no Baked Alaskas or anything like that.
So anyways, today I went back to the second place to interview, this time for a different position.
Not ceramics, which is my area of Jediness, but photography, which is an area of Padawaness.
This time the interview went quickly, more quickly than I would have liked.
I didnt' bother to think about it too much, though I should have, figuring being candid was more important than sounding canned.
If you know what I mean.
I sounded canned anyways.
All the answers came out the same way which I think was not a good thing.
Still, I give myself points for consistency.
Anyways, I was thinking(there I go again!) that this whole interview thing is starting to become a chore.
I mean seeing as how it's a standard form and all, my answers are beginning to sound textbook and robotic.
I try to keep reminding myself that I'm fighting for my life here, but really, how many times can you answer them questions with zest and vigor?
Being truthful is not a problem, it's sounding truthful and enthusiastic after going through the motions for the third time.
For the most part, I realize I'm spinning my wheels and the positions I'm interviewing for are not exactly in my area of expertise.
I still have to show up.
Stepping up to the plate and all that.
Can they at least ask them questions in a different order?
Maybe throw in some curve balls?
At this point, anything to make it interesting.
On the other hand, I should be glad I'm still getting calls.
The more the merrier I say!
I suppose it's like making them bowls.
If I interview twenty times, someone has to hire me.
Speaking of bowls, back to the bowl yard I go!
I think I'll do some vases today.


Steve A said...

"...culinary arts teacher"

I favor Hebrew National and Wolf chili without beans. Topping? Why grated Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, of course!

limom said...

Now I'm all hot for some chili!

limom said...

Some celebratory chili.
If you know what I mean.