Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Symbolism, Some Transition

That's about all I can say about the last few days.
I finally got to where I was going and lemme tell you, it's been a long uphill ride!
A huffing and a puffing, all the way to the top.
The realization of what it feels like to be a real teacher didn't hit me at once.
It sort of came slow, like the dawning of a new day.
A new day it is.
A happy dude am I!
I haven't had much time to really think about it much.
Work to do don't you know.
Still, I took a couple of minutes to reflect.
My big moment came when I was handed the keys to my room(s):

Oh Boy!
Oh boy.
Along with those keys comes some serious responsibility!
No more fooling around nosirreebob.
I mean I worked really hard to get them keys and I was really really happy to have them in my greedy little hands, but then I realized what having those keys meant.
Not just to me, but to all the other people who gave them to me and trust me with them.
The keys I mean.
I thought about how blessed I am to finally have them, about the opportunity in front of me, and mostly about obligation I now have as the holder of the keys.
Them are much more than keys.
They are the future.
Those keys not only open doors, but they open minds.
They are not only the keys to success if you will, but the keys to a greater humanity.
Okay, I'll stop getting all serious now.
On another note, I'm in really big trouble!
I swear it's like those Apple folks live in another world!
Don't worry, they said, it's easy once you get used to it.
Once I get used to it, which may be like never:

There's the iEvilness in the background.
I swear I just touch that iEvilness and something goes goofy on me.
Where are my files?
How do I delete stuff?
What are these cartoon thingys on the bottom of the screen?
Uh, excuse me, but how do you turn this thing off?
Okay, it's not that bad.
Okay, not really,
It is that bad!
It's worser than trying to read in French!
Everything is like in another language and even the stuff that looks the same does something different!
I may have to go in tomorrow, you know, just so I can spend a bit more time on it.
It being the iEvilness.
Which has reduced me to a blithering idiot.
Whatever blithering means.
If the kids can do it, so can I!
I hope.

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