Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Signed, Sealed.....

Not yet delivered.
First day back is July 24.
For teachers.
Usually I go in on the 25, the day after, but this year, OMG! I go in with all the other teacher folks!
I'm so happy I could, I could, I could - I'm so happy!
All this happiness came about by accident.
First of all, I was feeling pretty sad I got turned down earlier last month for a teaching position right in Flat Tire Land.
It was not to be.
I wasn't really looking forwards to going back to doing what I was doing but I like where I work and the teachers I work with.
Then I get another interview call, for Home Economics of all things.
Still, a job is a job so okay! I'll be there.
Well it turned out the position was for Culinary Arts, you know, cooking!
Can I cook?
I mean I'm pretty desperate for a job.
Don't you know.
So anyways, we interview since I'm there, and we get talking about some stuff and photography comes up.
Two things happened that I think were bits o'luck.
The principal held the interview and the fact that I got called in.
Well I know I ain't getting this job for I admit that I'm not very qualified.
Still you never know if the school is desperate or not.
So I go along my merry way, thinking I better think of something for summer is almost over.
I mean whether or not I'm going back to school in my present position.
Then about a week later the said principa calls me backl telling me I didn't get the cooking job(no really?) and asking if I'm interested in interviewing for the photography teacher job.
Am I interested?
Hell freakin yes!
Okay, I didn't say that.
I did reply in the affirmative very enthusiastically.
So I go in and answer all the same questions for if you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that all the questions are standardized.
Only this interview goes sort of on the quick side, I'm getting pretty good at answering these questions, and when I leave I'm not feeling so good.
The thing about teaching here is that when positions open, principals pull a bunch of names out of a pool of qualified candidates and he is obligated to interview them all even if he already has someone in mind.
So most of the time, in my experience, these interview are like spinning my wheels.
Going through the motions if you will, as the position is already filled and I'm just another name on the list.
There's another mark against me if the open position is not in my program area which in my case is sculpture or ceramics.
So anyways, I get home and I'm watching Law & Order, Netfilx is great cause now Law & Order is on demand, and about three hours later I'm get a call.
Now usually these call backs dont' happen for a week or so since they have to interview all the folks on the list but the list must have been short for I was offered the teaching job!
Now let me stop right here.
Have you ever had a dream and been close to it but never quite attained it?
This is how it's been for me for these last four years.
I mean I work in the classroom but I'm not doing what I was trained to do.
Sort of like training to be a jet pilot but only being allowed to fill the plane with gas.
So after I replied in the affirmative very enthusiastically I just sat there for a minute.
You know, to let it all sink in.
In fact I'm still letting it all sink in even after signing the paperwork and resigning my old position.
Oh Boy!
Tha'ts a happy Oh Boy! and not a sad oh boy.
So now I'm all stoked and ready to get going and I wish school started like tomorrow and I got like a GAGILLION ideas about what I'm going to do and I'm reading everything I can get my hands on about photography and I"m finding that I really need to work on my Power Point skilz and I suppose I need a new camera.
You know, one that's all pro.
So before I even think about Super Record or any Italian carbon goodness, cause my compensation is almost tripling, I need to take a look at some Japanese digital goodness from Nikon or Canon.
More on this later.
Boy lemme tell you, I'm one happy dude.


Trevor said...

Wow...what brilliant news...I am really pleased for you Jeff.

I will have to be very careful what images I post on my photography site now..LOL

Why does everyone always think- Canon & Nikon?

Again...well done!!


limom said...

Trevor, thanks!
As far as cameras, I have a Nikon and Canon right now so I suppose it's familiarity.
Then again, I've also owned a I forget what model Minolta, an Olympus OM10 and even a Yashica.
My friend is a Nikonite so it's also about borrowing some of his stuff.

Steve A said...

It is sad, however, that the world will be denied its very best-ever chili and hot dogs. I weep and smile at the same time. Click away!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Congrats! New job! Jealous of that and all the Italian goodness it's going to finance.

Chandra said...

Congrats dude! I vote for the Nikon, though I learned on a Contaflex and have photographed on a Mamia, Canon, Pentax, and a Yashica Electro 35 :)

Peace :)

Tracy W said...

Hey! Congratulations! Had a pretty strong interest in photography once myself, but it morphed into bikes. Can you imagine?

limom said...

Steve A, away I click!

JRA, thanks!
Fortunately/unfortunately, no ICG on the horizon.
Well not unless some accumulated leave gets cashed out.

Chandra, thanks! and that was quite a collection.

Tracy W, Thanks!
Now it's going to be bicycles and photo.
Not a good thing.
For my wallet.
If you know what I mean.