Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

 Tomorrow is the Big Day!
Okay, not really.
Only freshmen come in tomorrow and we're on an abreviatted schedule.
Still I've been busy getting ready.
I even passed on a ride yesterday since I had so much to do.
Okay, not really.
I slept late and missed meeting up with the folk over at Kvibe who did a End of Summer ride.
Anyways, this one class is the source of my ills.
It's a CTE class, Arts and Communication Pathway.
Sort of new as no one has actually taught it yet.
Which means there's no curriculum and the standards have only been in place since last year.
Every class has standards and benchmarks that need to be met, standards made up by some folks, usually scholars and other teachers.
Well the problem I'm having is these standards I got sort of conflict with the over all mission of a CTE class.
Kind of.
I mean in some ways they are broad, room for improvising, in others they are very specific.
To tell you the truth, the more I read them, the more confused I get.
Again, since this is the first time the class is being offered, I have no resources.
No text, no nothing.
Hell I'm not even sure I have a budget!
I'm sure I'll get this all straightened out by the time it needs to get straightened out.
If you know what I mean.
So as the dust settles and my rosters fill, this year I got about 142 students in my five classes.
It may sound like a lot of kids per class and it is.
Art classes sort of have a reputation as "dumping grounds," places where students are just placed when they got nowhere else to go so most art classrooms are at capacity.
One of my classes is actually over the seating limit, but hopefully one or two kids drop and we have space for everybody.
I just have to be extra mean on the first day!
First impressions don't you know.
Okay so I was hoping to get my last ride of the summer in today, but it's overcast and I still got some lesson planning to do.
It's also meeting day and we got some serious decisions to make about our event.
Things have sort of come to an impass and we need to decide which direction we are going to take.
More on that later.
Anyways, the culmination of all my studies, all my time put in the classroom, all my work and dreams have finally come.
I feel like a bomb ready to explode!

Okay, that's actually my head exploding, but you get the idea.
Though that is what my head may look like after this first week.

Well actually maybe a bomb exploding is not a good metaphor.
Let's just say I'm really excited and ready to get going.
Time to put up or shut up!
Sydney or the Bush!
Or something.

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