Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Final

Today turned into clean up day.
By accident.
This morning, I worked on the Big Kiln, but wasn't able to close up that gap all the way.
I wasn't able to see the high spot too well but I did get parts of the lid to sit flush.
So anyways, I loaded it up, with two pots, and fired it up!

Each box controls each ring of the kiln, so that you can fire each zone differently, if one chooses.
These controls aren't automatic like on the Small Kiln so I have to turn each ring up manually.
So while I was waiting to see if it all worked or not, I decided to do some rearranging of the gara-uh, studio.
Sort of organized it:

Oh yeah baby!
All it need is some white bar tape and I'll look all pro!
Finally, some method to my madness.
Don't you know.
Hey Mr. Flat, why don't you clean the top of the wheel thingy?
I'm glad you asked!
I'm sort of leaving it all there until I'm done trimming, just to see how much clay I waste.
Those trimming thingys can be recycled, but I'm too lazy.
So then while the kiln was firing up, I figured I better get a glazing too.
Blobs and Dots v1.2:

Maybe I should call it Snakes and Stars.
I did a few more bowls like this, each one a bit differently.
I still don't like it, but I'm getting closer.
So anyways, about six hours later, the kiln looked like this:

Getting nice and toasty in there!
I'm not sure how long it will take to reach temperature, for this firing around 1940 F, the hottest I go with this clay.
I still need to do something about that gap; hopefully it's not letting too much cool air in.
If the Big Kiln does its job, I'll be able to fire ten to twenty pots per load, and I won't be under so much pressure.
Time to pray to the kiln gods.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Mind the gap! I bet that kiln would look interesting on an infrared camera.

limom said...

I'm gonna get some night shots later.
Should be interesting to see all that heat leaking out.