Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This, is a Bowl

Oh yeah!
Bowl o'rama!
Okay, by now I'll bet you, the reader, has just about had enough of bowls.
I admit, I pretty tired of making bowls too.
I mean it's get to be pretty repetitious you know, making the same thing over and over and over and over again.
The good thing is that every now and then I make a mistake, things get out of whack, a momentary loss of Jediness, and I have the opportunity to forget the bowl and make something else.
Which usually ends up being a cactus planter for I'm short of cactus planters and some of them cactus need some planting.
Transplanting I mean.
More on mistakes later.
Anyways, the bowls are beginning to stack up around Flat Tire Central:

The Flat Tire Kiln(FTK) has also been a firing just about every other day, spewing out you guessed it!
More bowls:

Well the good thing is that I've gotten pretty good at making these bowls.
Small bowls, sort of big bowls, deep bowls, shallow  bowls.
A regular Bowl o'rama!
I sort of found a rhythm, gotten into a groove so to speak, which usually happens when you get going making a whole bunch of the same form.
As you can see, I'm not really concerned about making matching bowls, that will come later.
I'm more concerned about making the perfect bowl.
Where everything comes together, the height, the width, the size of the foot, the thickness of the walls.
Well, after twenty some odd bowls, it hasn't happened.
Oh I've gotten pretty close a few times, there are some bowls I'm happy with.
Like this one:

This is what a bowl should look like!
Well okay, they all look like bowls, but this one in particular, for some reason makes me happy.
It's a happy bowl!
I don't usually make a lot of bowls so getting one like this is like almost like a mistake.
A good mistake.
A mistake in the sense that if you keep making the same thing, once in a while you are sure to get one that is pretty close to perfection.
I may have to keep this one.
You know, on a shelf until I think of some spectacular way to glaze it, to make it stand out.
Speaking of glazing, I better get on it.
Them bowls are backing up on me.
Only 17 days left to go.
Not that I'm counting.
If you know what I mean.


Chandra said...
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Chandra said...

Holy Bowl-a-licious!
Keep on bowling, YES!!
Paz :)