Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Final

Crazy awesome!
I don't get this excited about too many things much less call them Crazy Awesome, but trust me, this is.
Well, for me anyways.
More on this later.
So anyways, today was meeting day and we well, met.
We had our Hele On Kailua meeting I mean.
Not much to report other than we are moving ahead, gaining some steam even.
There's a lot going on in the next couple of weeks as we try and get more committments from the local merchants and we hear from some major sponsors.
Okay, there's actually some big news.
We've decided to add a 5k run to our event.
The more the merrier I say.
The good thing is, I'm not doing any of organizing of the run and we're using our existing bicycle route.
I just need to check in with the city and let the police people know we've added this extra event.
Well okay, there's more but it's mostly little things.
Then again, them little things tend to add up to one large thing.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, getting back to the Crazy Awesome, I was on the YouTube thingy watching a Nick Lowe video, you know, Cruel to be Kind, and if you're ever on YouTube you know how things come up in a sort of round about way.
Well, from Nick Lowe, I got to Eric Clapton and Layla, to Dire Straits and The Sultans of Swing to voila!
Jeff Beck.
I'll be honest, I'm not a hard core Jeff Beck fan by any means.
I do own the quintessential Blow by Blow mainly for Cause We Ended As Lovers; it's one of my all time favorites.
So I'm going through some Jeff Beck vid and I come across this live version of CWEAL and whoa!
who's this chick on the bass?
So now I'm watching Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scotts and WHOA! WHO IS THIS CHICK PLAYING BASS?
No seriously.
Who is this chick playing bass?
The video is kinda long, but I've watched it like a GAGILLION times now cause it's so freakin Crazy Awesome.

Tal Wilkenfeld is the chick on the bass guitar.
Watch her solo during CWEAL.
No, don't just watch.
Get out a set of freakin headphones and listen.
I gotta say, both Jeff Beck and Vinnie Colaiuto looked like they've just seen a man from freakin Mars!
Or make that a woman from Venus!
Her solo is just Crazy Awesome!
Who is this chick on the bass guitar who looks like she should be playing with her high school stage band?
When you can impress two rock and roll veterans like Beck and Colaiuto, man you got some hops!
Near the middle of her solo Vinnie has this look on his face like "did you just hear that?" and Beck even says that he isn't going to play anymore.
I mean if I was a twenty something gifted bass player, I'd be pretty stoked to be playing with two veteran super rock stars.
The thing is, Jeff and Vinnie looked stoked to be playing with her!
Tal Wilkenfeld.
Remember that name.
Okay, you might be saying who is this chick playing the bass?
Well at the time of this taping, which by the way is available on DVD, she already had quite a resume.
You can look her up and be impressed like me.
Crazy Awesome.
Oh and Jeff Beck is pretty good  too.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I see on the wiki that she's from Australia, which orbits out there in the Hawaiian planet region. Maybe she would come play your event!

limom said...

in my dreams.