Saturday, August 25, 2012

24 To Go

Actually for me, it's less than 24 hours out.
I'll be waking up with the Sun, and getting out to the event site around 6:30am.
Today we went out and set the no parking signs along the run route, they have to be out 24 hours before the event.
We also cleaned up the parking lot we are using and I did some mapping out of the place so we sort of know where everyone is going to be.
We managed to fill 17 stalls out of a possible 24, which is not too bad but we only got four food vendors.
I was hoping for at least a couple more.
No burritos.
The party tent guys set up first, followed hopefully by the stage guys, then the vendors.
Then the chaos begins!
Oh Boy!
Or it may be oh boy.
If you know what I mean.
I'll be carrying a camera around with me, you know, to try and catch all that Hot Kailua Action.
I think.
I mean I'll be really busy, but I'll try and stop to take some pictures.
Maybe some video.
Everything is pretty much planned out, but I'm sure I'll have to use some of my Jedi Improvisational Skilz once things get rolling.
We've tried to plan for all contingencies, but even I, the Seer of the Future, cannot plan for everything.
Which sort of scares me some.
As long as no one gets seriously injured and nothing blows up I think we'll be okay.
I hope.
Lemme tell you, it seemed like it took forever to get here, but here we are.
Less than 24 hours out I mean.
Tomorrow, no Early Edition, instead a Special EXTRA Humungasoid Final Edition.
Wait for it.


Steve A said...

Hope all those gagillion things get done! Osnga 37

John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm really looking forward to the humongasoid final edition. If this thing takes off, Flat Tire HQ may need an intern to help with the coverage and reporting! 51 yirange