Friday, August 3, 2012

What a Week!

Only 40 more to go.
Weeks I mean.
Or something like that.
Well I survived my first two full days of classroom instruction!
I gotta say, yesterday I was shutting the windows to  my classroom, you know, closing up, when I sort of got this funny feeling.
Sort of like I've been doing this for a while.
Not deja vu, like I had been there before, but something more, like I was meant to do this.
It's all been a whirlwind, organizing and planning, getting the classroom ready, meeting my fellow instructors, trying to remember the names of my students, and most of all, just trying to keep my head from exploding!
Okay, not really.
My head was never close to exploding.
In fact, that feeling I got was because my head didn't feel like exploding.
I'm no where near a veteran instructor, yet there was this feeling calm, sort of peaceful even.
Like I'm finally where I'm supposed to be.
There's still a lot to be done and I'm pretty far from cruise control, but for some odd reason it's not that bad.
I mean there's still tons to get done, but at the same time, this is what I was built for!
I hope.
Now I can sort of take the week end to decompress and reflect a bit, seeing as how I sort of don't know exactly where I'm going, especially with my CTE class, which if you remember has no curriculum.
I'm really hoping to get back on my bicycle, finally! and get some miles in.
Even if they are just cruising miles.
Anyways, I swear sometimes it's hard to imagine me doing anything else.
Teaching I mean.
Okay, Something Wonderful.
That, has been something of a roller coaster ride.
Up and down, up and down, up and down.
You, the reader, get the idea.
So much so that I'm not sure if I'm on an upswing or down.
Swing, I mean.
We had a major problem that I thought we were over, just before it escalated into something really big!
Big, as in I had a certified letter to pick from the Post Office and I was a bit wary, thinking it was something related to the event.
As in potential legal problems.
Well, it seems that the event is going forwards, despite the setback, and I have to get back on track to see this thing through.
We are less than one month away, with work and all that time is going to pass by Pretty Damn Quick(PDQ).
So what's left?
We still need some food vendors and I have to submit maps of the event site to the city and fire department.
Other folks are organizing the activities so my role has diminished.
You know, work and all.
Hopefully I'll have something good to report in three weeks!
Stay tuned.


Trevor said...

Sounds like everything is going pretty well in your life right now...always good when you find the right 'slot' that you fit right into.


Steve A said...

Will stay tuned...

limom said...

Trevor, thanks!
This might be the first time I've ever felt that way.

Steve A, this is edge of your chair stuff!
Don't you know.