Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flat Tire iLand

Get it?
iLand? Hawaii? I live on an island?
So anyways the other day, via the wonder of FedEx, a new era was begun over at the Flat Tire Central Command Center(FTCCC).
Lemme tell you it was interesting watching this thing fly over the Pacific Ocean, fly over this iLand, over to the Big Island, finally landing here as promised.
Oh it was touch and go for a minute as things got delayed over in Shanghai, and once it hit Anchorage, I didn't think it would make it.
Then, like a miracle it hit Oakland and in the blink of an eyeball it was in transit to Flat Tire Land!
Cudos to FedEx!
So anyways, my old computer is now officially retired.
It's about six years old, that's like seventy six in computer years and it was time to go.
Well okay, not really as it was still doing a fine job despite having to reboot every once in a while and being torturously slow.
Still it managed to bring to you, the reader, over one thousand posts!
Goodbye old friend.
So to the new:

Oh yeah baby!
I've crossed over to the Dark Side.
Who's your daddy?
The new Powerbook Pro oh my! Retina.
As I said before, I'm not an early adopter, but one look at this screen and I was sold.
I drank all the Kool Aid.
In one gulp.
Boy did it taste good.
Sort of.
So I go and order this bad boy and then like the banana head I am, I start reading the mail.
You know, all the online banter and rumors and reports.
Not good.
Screen image retention, bad battery life, all sorts of quirks and grumbles.
Did I worry?
Sort of but I was really sold and still am.
Sold I mean.
So far my battery is doing fine and I've set the screen saver to kick in after like ten seconds.
Okay, not really.
More like three minutes which is too quickly but you never know.
Anyways, what sold be besides the screen, which is nothing less than spectacular by the way, was the touch pad and how freakin easy it is to use.
Makes my mouse seem archaic and frivolous and almost useless.
Really, it's that good.
The touch pad I mean.
Okay, the bad as there's always a bad.
Working with files and stuff is totally alien to me and I couldn't find a file if my life depended on it.
Seriously if you held a gun to my head you'd have to do what you have to do cause I have no clue where files go.
The screen is sure nice though.
There's also some commands that are lost on me even if I knew where to find them and it took me like twenty minutes to figure out how to post that image.
Before I forget:

The chicklet style keyboard is also a bit of a change and it will take getting used to.
Who needs a keyboard when you got wait for it: Dictation!
That's right talking to yourself fans!
I don't even have to type!
I've played with it for a bit and I have to say it feels pretty stupid talking to your computer especially since it doesn't talk back.
Maybe my next post will be totally hands free.
The really bad news is that Adobe has yet to configure CS6 for the new screen so I'm going to hold off buying it until they update it.
It's bad news for this is what I bought a new computer for.
I loaded this thing up with 16 gigs of RAM so that I could work with those kinds of apps and now I have to wait.
I'll probably get Aperture from the appeVil store to hold me over as I have no ways of shrinking down my images.
Lot o'space they take up.
Not really worried about that as I plan to run an external drive to go along with the 256 SSD hard drive.
The flash drive makes this thing really quick and I'm afraid I'm now spoiled.
Power up takes like fifteen seconds compared to the minutes on my old machine.
One more thing I want to touch on and that's how Apple approaches the marketing of their products.
The box this thing came in makes you feel like bought a hand crafted instrument, not some mass marketed electronic device.  If presentation was everything well, you feel like you got everything.
If you know what I mean.
Okay I'll stop now and if you want more info on this thing you can search and read all about it.
The Flat Tire has entered a new generation of computing!
Maybe I'll get all crazy and actually do a post about bicycling!
Or something.

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