Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No Early Adopter Am I

Not usually.
I'm the sort that sits back and waits until the dust settles.
All the bugs are sorted out.
Proven records and all that.
Except this time.
This time I took the plunge.
Into icy water.
Not the usual warm tropical waters I'm used to.
In this case though, there's no buyers remorse.
Despite the eVilbugs.
No, in fact I'm looking forwards to it.
Quirks and defects be damned!
Normally I'd be all besides myself, cursing even at my stupidity and brashness.
You know, telling myself I told you so even when I never told myself anything.
I mean I did this so fast, without my usual impeccable research and hemming and hawing and indecision and waffling.
I hit that Buy It Now button so fast, it was well, Super Sonic!
So now I do the research.
Now I find all sorts of goofy reports and ugly testimonials.
I am not deterred.
I should be.
Some of the reports are pretty bad.
Returns and more returns and replacement parts and yada, yada, yada.
Okay look, no first generation thingy is perfect.
Well for what I shelled out, it should be.
Sort of.
Well okay, it should be.
For what I shelled out.
Anyways, it's too late now as right before my eyeballs, the online status changed from maybe, to shipping out!
Right before my eyeballs!
Oh my!
Giddy with excitement am I!
Sort of.
I mean the eVilness better work correctly right out of the box or...
I'll be returning and returning and replacing and yada, yada, yada.
As long as there's light at the end of that tunnel, I'll find comfort and resolve in knowing that I got something new and wonderful.
Yeah, no early adopter am I.
Except when it comes to gadgets and thingamabobs.
If you know what I mean.
Oh FedEx man, where art thou?


John Romeo Alpha said...


Trevor said...

No 'shift' of viewpoint here then....!!


limom said...

No way Jose!
Way off track though I've been waiting to see just how much EPS Athena would set me back.

Electronical bling of another kind.
With a happy ending.
I hope.