Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Two weeks to go!
Time to put the pedal to the metal.
So to speak.
Last night was our primary election and we lost a supporter.
One of difficult things about holding our event now was that most of the politicians were in re-election status, working hard on campaigning, unable to help us.
They also weren't sure if they would be around after last night so giving us the full support we needed just wasn't there.
Understandable, but unfortunate.
For us anyways.
Okay, 14 days out, what's left?
I still have to call and arrange the street barriers and reserve a dumpster and set up our stage and tables and chairs.
Other folks are busy arranging and coordinating the activities and events and we still don't have as many food vendors as we would like.
No one doing burritos and I'm really sad.
That could change by event day.
Like I said, this thing is going to take up to the day of the event to come together.
Oh well.
I gotta say, I'm sort of worried, but not worried.
Mostly about the turn out.
I mean I'm pretty sure we'll have a good crowd, but sometimes I can visualize like 50 folks milling about complaining about how boring and stupid the event is.
I suppose I shouldn't worry about it too much, you know, hold it and they will come and all that sort of thing.
Still in the back of my mind there's this worse case scenario going on and I can't help it.
I've sort of been slacking off these past few weeks, with my new job going on and all but now it's time to get back on it.
I've delegated some stuff out to other folks who aren't as busy, but now I have to get done what I need to get done!
Can't be fading into the home stretch don't you know.
Something Wonderful should be Something Spectacular!
I hope.

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