Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Four Days Out

The event horizon.
No kidding.
Everything is getting sucked in, never to be seen again.
Sort of.
I personally don't have much to do right now.
Intentionally as I'm really busy trying to keep 120 or so kids busy and learning.
All around me though, things are just a flying around!
Like emails I mean.
We finally got our street permits!
The police have been calling wanting to get a handle on just what is happening on Sunday.
The most asked and most unanswered is how many people do we expect to get?
I wish I could predict, but none of us have any idea.
We hopes and expectations, but in reality the only time we'll know is when it finally gets started.
The other committee members are all stressing out finalizing what needs to be finalized.
We got our banners today and need to go out and hang them.
Thankfully we got another truck to go out and pick up the no parking signs and garbage bins, for my brother is getting sent to Maui on Friday so he had to back out of helping me.
Friday will be tight as we'll be setting them signs out along the bike/run route.
Another last minute change was the addition of a canopy tent to cover the stage, just in case we get some liquid sunshine.
I've also been compiling a cell phone list for the event so our volunteers can get call someone, you know, just in case.
We've had a couple more volunteers jump in and lemme tell you, we need them.
I have to say though, I'm really surprised we got all this done with the committee we have.
Throughout all of this, there was a core team of about 7-8 people who worked really hard to put this all together.
Which in hindsight is pretty darn amazing!
None of this would be happening if it weren't for them.
To think, all we're getting out of this is a stupid shirt.
Or something.

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