Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Sort of.
I mean I hope.
See, it sort of started already!
I think.
Anyways, now that I've put some things behind me, I can concentrate on what's in front of me and lemme tell you, I've got some things in front of me.
Mostly though it's all about getting back into a rhythm, you know, the day to day stuff that was all out of whack because of you know what.
As far as you know what is concerned, there's still a 'debriefing meeting' in a couple of weeks that I'm not really looking forward to.
A time to discuss what we could have done better as far as organizing the event we did and I suppose what the plans are for the future.
I'm not sure I have a future in event organizing as it's sort of stressful and if you're not working with the right folks it can be downright frustrating.
Not that I was frustrated.
School on the other hand, is a different story.
Now that I got a month or so under me belt, there are some observations to be made.
First of all, I really really dig what I do.
Well, I wish I was doing ceramics, but hey! you can't have it all.
Actually you can have it all once someone dies or retires.
If you know what I mean.
Second, there's like tons of paperwork.
Okay, not really, but there are like tons of things one needs to keep track of.
This I didn't expect and at times it can be overwhelming.
We just had our mid quarter grades go out and I needed to meet individually with all my students.
All one hundred and twenty of them.
Or so.
I would get an exact count but I really don't have time and it really doesn't matter.
On average I'm at about 25+ per class and that number is barely manageable.  There exists some sort of prime teacher to student ration, a sort of equilibrium if you will, in which the number is perfect.
Less is always better.
Less students I mean.
At twenty five plus you can pretty much throw individual instruction out the door.
There just isn't time, no matter how hard you try to make time.
Which is what good teachers do.
Make time.
Out of no time.
Okay I exaggerate some but really that's what it's all about.
Managing time and finding a few seconds to check and make sure each student is up to speed.
There are some days when it's hard to find time to take a breath.
On the other hand, it's swim or sink.
Lemme tell you, I'm really glad when it's time for lunch.
The good news is that I don't really take home any work, although I did have to look through a hundred or so contact sheets this weekend:

Finally the students got to print out some of their photos and I needed to grade them and add encouraging comments.
Like: Good Job!
Or: Nice pics!
My favorite: Interesting!
I gotta say, I sort of want to slam some of them pictures but this is like high school so I don't think I'm supposed to make anyone cry.
Just kidding!
Sort of.
So anyways, now that I got the weight of event organizing off my back it's back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Kinda sorta.


Trevor said...

Glad to see that a normal service will be resumed....sort of!!


Big Oak said...

Well, first off, anyone who helps organize and run such an event deserves a heap of credit. Anytime you get folks together to have fun is a great thing.

Second off, teachers rock! Especially in these tough fiscal times, we're asking way more of our teachers than we ought to be.

Great job!

limom said...

Trevor, semi-regular anyways.

Big Oak, thanks!
I'm not quite rocking yet, but I will be soon!