Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Final Pt.I

I am one tired dude.
I slept so late I almost didn't make the opening of the imu.
Which, if you have been following along at home, is what I was doing this weekend.
An imu, just in case you didn't know, is an in the ground oven of sorts.
Rock are heated up, then the stuff you want to cook is thrown in and buried until it's all nice and toasty.
That's sort of where we left off, the rocks getting all hot and toasty:

Once the fire burned down, we covered the rocks with banana tree parts:

The banana tree trunks are put there so that whatever you are cooking doesn't lay directly on the hot rocks.  The moisture also helps make some steam.
Okay, now you are ready to add the main course:

Things are moving rather quickly now and all the other stuff is added in:

We added all kinds of stuff: laulau, the fish I got, some pork butts, a brisket, a rib roast, and some other things.
Okay, I'm not going to explain what a laulau is, you'll just have to look it up.
Anyways, after everything is loaded up, we covered the pit with banana leaves:

You can already see the steam rising from the pit.
Next we covered it with burlap bags:

More steam.
Over the burlap, it was a tarp, then  a plastic sheet.
Dirt was applied to the edges of the plastic to seal everything in.
It was raining off and on so we put up one of them pop up tents over the pit just in case.
Well this morning, we took off the plastic stuff and the burlap bags.
Which by the way were still warm.
Part II coming up.

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