Saturday, September 15, 2012


If you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that I haven't been posting up much lately.
Well, I've been busy!
Don't you know.
Actually busy with work and all that comes with it.
I don't really take any work home with me except for the occasional grade entries so it's not like I'm doing stuff when I get home.
Mostly I sleep.
I get most of the paper work done in the mornings as I'm at school before 7am.  That gives me an hour and a half or so to fill in the boxes and make copies and design sinister lessons for the kids.
Okay, not really.
About the sinister part.
More like torturous.
At least according to some of them.
I've sort of begun to catch my stride so to speak and things are running a bit more smoothly.
Kind of.
I teach the same class four times and each class is different, dynamics and all that, so sometimes it's a struggle keeping all them classes in line.
I'm sure I'll figure it out.
Anyways, it's been a while, too long perhaps, but yes it's Quest time again!
I haven't been on a good Quest since oh, the Quest for Frame and things were getting a bit boring so here we go again!
Quest for Pics!
Or Camera if you prefer.
That's right quest fans, it's time for a new camera!
I just bought a new camera.
I'd have some pics for you, but my other camera is at school, and I keep forgetting to take pics of the new one.
My other camera expired so I went and got another P&S for you know, point and shoot work.
Well it has come to my attention that my other camera, the one at school, is like a GAGILLION years old and it only takes like 2 mega pixel images and it only zooms like 1x so it's like time for a new other camera.
Besides, the new camera has all sorts of newfangled stuff on it, sort like the old other camera, which also had all sorts of newfangled stuff on it when I got it but now it's all oldfangled stuff.
So I figure a new camera has all sorts of newfangled stuff, more newfangled stuff than the camera I got since the camera I got is already obsolete and it was really cheap.
Sort of.
About the cheap part.
Well, I don't want to break the bank seeing as how these cameras sort of go obsolete every year, on the other hand I need a camera that at least looks PRO.
Image and image capture are everything.
Don't you know.
Now I don't need no DSLR, too big and bulky and I'm not that serious about taking pictures.
So I was thinking of getting another mega zoom P&S or one of them new mirror less thingamabobs.
As I said before, I been busy sleeping and mostly reading up about all these cameras trying to decide which one is a good fit for what I need.
In other words, which one looks the coolest.
For the most part, I've always used a Canon, but the camera that expired was a Nikon and My Friend Hoku uses Nikon so I've sort of been looking at what those two offer.
On the cheap side, is the Canon with the SX40, which is similar to the other camera I have:

It has more pixels and a newfangled zoom.
This type of camera is pretty much perfect as far as size and capabilities.
Or course if you want to look PRO, you gotta have the new stuff.
I'm also looking at something like the Nikon 1 series:

Which is a bit more expensive, but looks a whole lot more PRO.
If you know what I mean.
The Sony NEX looks kinda PRO too:

So anyways, there you go and here I am, on a Quest for Pics!(QFP!).
Off to the big box I go to see and touch!
If this goes like my other Quests, it ain't going to be easy.
Lemme tell you.


Trevor said...

Good luck with your new quest.. I will wait to see how this develops.....!!
('Develops'...sorry that's a pre-digital term isn't it)

I've always been a Rangefinder fan myself....never could get on with SLRs (or DSLRs).
Camera choice is such a personal thing and it's always important to handle them before buying to ensure it suits your handling style. My current favourites are the Fuji X series cameras. Not true rangefinders but similar styling.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Big honking lens!

limom said...

Trevor, I've just begun to investigate the x series.

JRA, yes!