Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Yeppers, I managed all three in one night.
Yesterday, since I wasn't really doing anything and since I was in town to check out some cameras and since I had to go back to school to pick up my old camera, I decided to go to a football game.
We don't usually play on Saturdays and I can't make Friday night games so off I went!

Players lined up walking into the "stadium."
The field where we play was renovated with help from the NFL as I believe four schools use it as their "home" field.  It's built on a hill side so there are seats only on one side.
Alma Mater:

I got there early for the JV game and spent most of the time wandering the concourse sideline.  I went up in the stands once, just to get a feel of what was going on.
By the time the varsity game started, the sun was setting but it was right in front of me so I mostly fooled around with the pictures.
I didn't get on the field until around the middle of the first quarter, telling the security guard that I was with the yearbook folks.
Early action:

Later action:

Food in the middle action:

Some hamburger curry to start of with.  I meant to go back, but the concession closed after half time.
I'll have to remember that for next time.
One more:

I must have walked around the field five times, trying to get different angles, but I had trouble with the camera(s) I was using.
I had with me my pocket Canon Power Shot Elph 100, my old Canon S5Is and a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi with a 55-250 zoomba, which is the school's camera.
I wasn't going to bring my cameras, but I was glad I did since the long lens on the Rebel prevented any wide angle shots and found myself going back to my cameras frequently.
In fact I managed to break my S5 along the way.
More on that later.
Also later is a report on the cameras and the troubles I had and what worked and what didn't.
Maybe a few more images too.
Off I go to Glow Putt!
Don't ask.

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