Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Game Film

I mean bits.
As in more mega bits of the game I went to last Saturday:

Pre game huddle after the JV game.
The sun is starting to get low and cast shadows on the field.
Some of the shots just called for black and white, especially later when I started using the stadium lights.

Taking these shots were the hardest for there are about a GAGILLION folks on the field!
Besides the refs you got all sorts of people following the ball, worst blockers are actually school officials like vice principals!
I managed to squeeze a few shots off.
More field shots:

The crowd was decent even though the two schools are from different divisions.
In fact it was the school I was at last year against my new school!

We, the new school, weren't doing so good against the old school.
The old school is actually ranked number 2 in the state right now and despite the loss, we, the new school didn't get run over.
Which is a good thing.
Still, things weren't so happy on the new school side:

There are a couple of images I'm pretty happy with that I don't feel comfortable about showing on the nets.
Our quarterback wasn't having a good game so I decided to sort of watch him to see if I could get any sideline emotion.
One of the linemen went over and started talking to the QB telling him that the offense was still behind him and that he was their quarterback and not to give up.
Pretty moving stuff for high school.
Anyways I caught some of that exchange, which I think looks pretty dramatic.
Which is what I was going for, not so much the action on the field, but I was trying to catch the mood, the feel of what was going on.
There's another game on Saturday and I'm hoping to take along a couple of the kids.
You know, on the field.
Now that I've done a football game I've got a better feel for what I want to get on film.
I mean bits.
If you know what I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I bet the yearbook editor and/or school newspaper editor would appreciate these, too. Published!

limom said...

Yearbook only accepts student pics.
I'll probably send them off to the football coach.

rlove2bike said...

Great pics!

Thanks for the post!