Saturday, September 8, 2012

Popping In

Popping right back out.
Just after I post this up.
Busy, busy, busy.
First of all, my camera broke.
After falling on the pavement like five times, the zoom now refuses to unzoom.
An excuse to go and shop!

Oh yeah baby!
Let me in!
Lemme leave my wallet in the car.
I sort of new what I was getting, but I did the prudent thing and made sure by checking some other cameras out.
I just needed a cheapo, you know, in case I fall and smash it I won't be crying over it.
Well, they had some deals there, but nothing seemed as good was what was here:

I found a nice little camera on close out.
More on that later.
It's charging up.
Okay, so then I went more shopping.
There's this family thing going on tonight and I needed to stock up on some supplies.
More on the family thing later too.
Anyways the stocking up led me here:

Oh yeah baby!
Let me in!
This time I need my wallet.

Lemme tell you, fresh fish ain't cheap!
Then again, fresh is good so I got me a uhu, and some not so fresh previously frozen mullets.
More on the uhu(parrot fish) later.
You know, once my batteries charge up.
Then I had more traveling to do, deep into the valley to get some taro leaves.
Can you guess what's happening?
That's right!
More on that later!
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

Come visit Duck Lake and we'll have fish together that we catch ourselves...

limom said...