Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Final Pt.II

Don't read this until you've read part I.
Trust me, it's worth it.
Sort of.
Anyways, this morning we uncovered the pit:

Those are the banana leaves.
The pit was still pretty hot considering we left it for about twelve hours.
More on that later.

The main course:

Cooked to perfection!
The pig is wrapped in some chicken wire so all the part don't just well, fall apart.
Which is what happens once you unwrap it:

The meat is literally falling off the bones.
Then all that is left is the bones:

The meat is then pulled apart and more salt is added as needed.
My family is so efficient, the whole pig was processed in about 90 minutes:

Then we mostly just sat around and ate whatever was left over.
Oh and all that other stuff that was in the imu.
We ate it I mean.
We don't usually do an imu often, obviously because of all the prep and the time involved.
I think next time we're going to do a hind quarter on a spit, but I need to search my Dad's house for the spit.
We did have a lot of food and boy lemme just predict right now that I gained about five pounds.
My fish didn't turn out so good as it dried out, probably because it was in there so long and because I didn't prep it correctly.
I'll do better next time.
Okay, so there you go, a contemporary spin on an old tradition.
The Hawaiian imu, or in the ground oven.


John Romeo Alpha said...

But wait! Where are all the containers of meat headed?

Mark said...

making me hungry

rlove2bike said...

A friend of mine cooked a pig that way once. Finding the banana leaves was a chore, but somehow he pulled it off. I have cooked several on a spit. Good stuff!!

Thanks for posting.

limom said...

Boy, did let these comments go for one week?
Where have I been?

JRA, the containers were split up between the combatants.
I mean participants.

Mark, if you were here....

rlove2bike, we'll be using a spit next time only possibly doing a hind quarter.