Monday, September 24, 2012

Filling up the Card

The flash card that is.
So this weekend, I went to another football game, this time with a couple few of my students in tow.
First time on the field and all that.
Well we were at the enemy's field, a school located on the other side of town, closer to where I used to work.
This school has a sort reputation of being well, let's say well financed since the district it's in is higher income.
I mean the school is nice.
Really nice.
So, the boys taking the field during the JV game:

You can see Tripler Army Medical Center on the hill up in the right corner.
So the kids got these Nikon P410/510 P&S to use and it's a pretty good camera with some super zoom.
It has a sports setting, but I hardly use it and to be honest I haven't really looked at the owners manual.
Which I should have.
Looked at the owners manual I mean.
I'm not taking too many images for I'm sort of watching to make sure none of my students gets run over or anything.
Pre game:

Now I got three kids out there somewhere taking pictures.
I was a bit worried for they were taking a lot of pictures, and the game pretty much didn't even start yet!

As you can see, there are some condos that surround the field and I didn't like them in the background so my shots were limited.
I mean I took some shots, but most of them I didn't like.
My students doing their thing:

Again I spent most of my time keeping an eyeball on them, especially since were the visitors, admin didn't want them behind the enemy bench.  I also had to keep reminding them to keep an eyeball on the action since sometimes you are so focused on the picture, you forget about what's going on around you.
I almost got run over myself!
So Mr. Flat, what's with the filling card thing?
Oh yeah, I almost forgot!
Well when I got into school this morning to load the pictures up, the computer wasn't recognizing the cameras.
Well okay, they were, it was just taking a while.
Two cameras had over 500 images each on them and wait for it, the other had 1100 pictures!
Seems the Nikons have this setting that acts like a stop motion thing and well, you get the picture.
Get it? get the picture? 1100 images? pictures?
So anyways, tomorrow is volleyball senior night and this week is Homecoming so there's some cool events planned.
Meanwhile, wait for my first quarter report on being a new teacher.
Lemme tell you, there's been some ups and downs.
Mostly ups though.
I'm still stoked to be doing what I'm doing which is what I should have been doing when I wasn't doing this.
If you know what I mean.

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