Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh yeah.
You, the reader, knew it was coming.
IT, has arrived.
No, not that.
That came already:

I'm already assimilating to the Dark Side.
Or the Right Side, depending on who you talk to.
I'm telling you that when I first got all Appled out, I was one confused dude.
Nothing worked like it was supposed to!
Now it's like second nature.
Sort of.
The learning curve was sort of steep, but it's all downhill from here.
In a good way.
I mean.
Besides, it's a Macbook PRO.
Let's not forget that being PRO is what it's all about.
Image and all that.
Anyways, I was getting worried about nicking or scratching that beautiful aluminum exoskeleton.
It is a work of engineering art after all so I went a looking for one of them protector thingys.
Not just any protector thingy.
A protector thingy that matches my guess what?

That's right Celeste Devil fans!
A celeste laptop protector thingy!
Okay, it's not really celeste.
It's called Tiffany blue, but Tiffany blue and celeste are pretty much the same:

My Macbook is now Reparto Corse!
Now I can look all PRO while riding my bicycle and surfing the webz!
How cool is that?
It's like, like everything matches!

Of course the new iDevil is just as bad as the ole Celeste Devil.
Now I'm thinking of going all Apple all the time and lemme tell you, my wallet ain't going to be too happy.
I'm just glad Campagnolo don't make laptops.
Anyways, I need to find me some Bianchi stickers.
Then I can complete the look.
If you know what I  mean.


Chandra said...

Enjoy your MBP!
Peace :)

Steve A said...

My daughter just got a MBP. Must be contagious.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Apple head badge, coming to a bike near you soon!

Trevor said...

Personally I would have bought one in Purple!!


rlove2bike said...

Congrats on the Apple. I don't have one yet, but I have considered it.

Thanks for posting!

limom said...

I have become a convert.
The speed of the solid state drive sold me.
It also has a battery that doesn't need a power cable.
If you know what I mean.