Thursday, September 27, 2012


Boy, the eighties.
Do you remember?
Def Leppard!
Oh yeah, Pyromania!
Awesome album.
Not what this is about.
So today, this evening I mean, was sort of the culmination of a week of stuffs at school.  Tomorrow is homecoming, you know, the big game.
Sort of.
I mean we don't really go on road trips, since even our home games are sort of a road trip, still all the schools have a homecoming game.
A tradition don't you know.
All week we had some goofy stuff going on during lunch and today after school we had a shindig that ended with the some fire.
The high school I attended also had a burning thing, but in those days the rival school came down to our school and burned a rather large P in the middle of our field.
No, the name of my school did not start with the letter P.
We had a sort of emergency assembly the next day and the headmaster threatened anyone who was even thinking of retaliation.
We were supposed to be above all that.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, tonight was more of a controlled burn, with the fire department standing by.
We had food booths and entertainment and such before the big event.
The crowd getting restless:

Hang on!
Here it comes!

Oh yeah baby!
There she goes!

That was pretty cool!
So the band played and the football team did a haka, a polynesian dance thingy and all the girls screamed.
At least they screamed outside and not inside the gym.
Screaming girls inside a gym, boy that'll rattle your brain!
Good sized crowd and good school spirit:

Kinda makes me wish I had graduated high school.
Sort of.
Okay, big game tomorrow.
Not sure if I'm a gonna make, but I'm a gonna try.


rlove2bike said...

Ok...I remember the 80's, but not much of the 70's...kind of a blur. :-)

Thanks for the post!

limom said...

Actually, I don't remember much of the eighties, or the nineties for that matter.
Another life don't you know.