Monday, December 24, 2012

Alien Jungle Growth(AJG)

Where do they come from?
Outre(for Trevor) space?
Innre space?
Another dimension?
The Fifth Dimension?

Marilyn McCoo got some pipes!
So anyways, I was deep in the jungle when I noticed some freaky looking things:

I swear, it's like some kind of invasion!
I think those thingys were the smaller version of this:

Innocent looking plain white clam shell like growth.
Not so plain white:

Some small ones:

Not sure I want to be around when they get bigger!
There were all sorts of interesting looking fungi and whatevers growing all over the place.
Sort of gave me the creeps.
These were kinda interesting:

I bet that you die if you touch them.
Not that I felt like touching any of them.
I was careful to tread around all them Aliens.
Don't want to make them angry.
If you know what I mean.

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