Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Early Edtion

The madness continues.
I just can't help myself.
Mildly OCD don't you know.
So anyways basketball season has started, sort of, and I'm all hot to take some pictures inside the gym since I got like some students who well, play basketball.
I knew from experience(taking pictures in the gym) that the lenses I got just wouldn't cut it in the low light of the gym.
Which brings me to wonder why the gym has low lighting.  I mean folks are like playing sports in there for real.
You know, it counts and all that.
So why would they make kids play in a facility with sub par lighting?
Well I needed me a fast lens, like a fast non zoom lens called a prime(fixed focus) thingy that could shoot real fast and freeze the action.
That way all pictures I take wouldn't look like I got some kind of nervous disorder.
Or something.
Born was: Quest for the Fast Prime Lens(QFPL!)!
You just gotta love the eVilness and CL!
More on that later.
This morning off I went on my Quest:

The Ko'olau mountains.
I'm taking random pictures aiming my camera out the window.
Illegal to do in most states.
Boy, the things I do for you, the reader.
Anyways, you gotta get up early and check CL for  the deals and there was a deal so I headed off to the leeward side of the island.
I had more pictures but my windshield must have been dirty cause my camera wouldn't lock focus.
If you know what I mean.
I went to where the last watercress patch on O'ahu resides:

Right next to a shopping mall!
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see Sears in the back ground.
I drove way over there just to get this:

I needed something fast with a wider field of view so this 35mm seemed like the ticket.
A wider field of view compared to what you ask.
Well, it seems I've been busy since I also picked up this last week:

I used the second lens to take the first picture and the first lens to take the second picture.
Now I'm all set for some basketball!
Sort of.


Mark said...

Nice lens.Talk about poor lighting. I took a structures class one semester at night. The lighting was so terrible in the lecture hall, we were in, that I couldn't get my solar calculator to work.

So when people ask me what did you learn in college? My typical response is: "Never buy a solar calculator for a night class."

limom said...

I lol'd.