Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going PRO!

Not me, but the kids.
I'm already PRO.
Don't you know.
The other day I was thinking that the kids are taking a lot of pictures but they aren't getting really good results with the cameras they have to use:

Don't get me wrong, these point and shoots are nice and all, but some of these kids are starting to do some serious photography.
I wish I could show you some of their pictures and I'm going to try and get them up on the school blog, but some of them have not turned in their release forms.
Seeing as how they are minors and all that.
Anyways, we were working on a depth of field project and with them P&S cameras they just weren't getting the results.
I of course, showed them some examples I did with my PRO camera and it wasn't even close.
Some of them tried using our Canon:

The Canon though still has the kit lens, a 18-55 zoom.
So I went and got them a "real" lens:

Okay, it's not a real lens, like a PRO lens or anything, but it's good enough that they can now get some PRO results.
I hope.
The 50mm f/1.8 also lets them shoot in the gym with acceptable results; meaning the basketball players are not all blurry and they are able to freeze some action.
Here's what the zoom looks like:

Here's the new lens:

How awesome is that?
The depth of field is great and it does pretty well in low light.
Anyways, since we have to like fill out a purchase order for anything we buy, we can't exactly get the smoking deals that come up on CL or the eVilness so I just went ahead and picked this up.
I think if it as an investment for the future.
Now I just gotta see if I taught them anything.
If you know what I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm not sure if you've mentioned it, but a short introduction to a camera like the Pentax K1000 does a lot toward helping people understand the essentials of f-stop, shutter speed, ASA/ISO, depth of field, focus, lighting, composition, and what makes pictures blurry or sharp. I'm not sure if there is an equivalent in the digital camera world which brings these basic elements to the front so clearly. Have you found something like that?

Trevor Woodford said...

I don't know...all this talk of cameras and lens's....It's obviously had an effect on me because I have now shelled out on another Camera and Lens myself.... It's expensive reading your blog....!!!


limom said...

JRA, the other teacher and I wish we could do some real darkroom work with a real SLR camera.
The kids have a Canon with all that stuff but things like f/stop, shutter speed and ISO go in one ear and out the other. Well maybe some stuff sticks.
They are so used to point and shoot it's difficult making them use what's there.

Trevor, sorry.