Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Well the printer ink is still holding out.
I decided to finally get a photo printer so that I well, could print some photos.
I mean looking at them on the computer is okay, but I wanted to see them on paper.
To be honest I got a bit jealous seeing all the kid's work being printed out and I felt a bit guilty about using the school printer and supplies so I figured I'd just get my own.
Now that I have a printer, I'm actually thinking of going to a larger format, like 13x19.
More on that later.
Anyways, this one should hold me over for now.
Besides, it's black and nasty:

I can print directly from the flash cards:

Do some editing on the LCD screen:


All in about three minutes!
Boy, I'll be churning out pictures like there's no tomorrow!
Well, as long as the ink and paper lasts.
I also went ahead and got me one of these:

I wanted an external drive so I could put all my old pictures somewhere.
When I changed computers I put all the old blog pictures on disc and I kinda miss them so now they're all nice and handy in case I want to like print them out.
I went to check on Googlio and there are like 4000 blog pictures there!
I hope they don't start charging me for storage.
If you know what I mean.

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