Saturday, December 29, 2012


No, not the TV show.
Though I understand it has quite the cult following, I never got into it and never watched it at all.
I'm talking about some lost files.
Like a 150 lost files photo files.
Lost somewhere on the ole hard drive, in digital limbo.
It's all Aperture's fault!

So I've been reading the Aperture 3 book, trying to figure out how it all works.
I'm also using iPhoto, but for the past few weeks Aperture has been the default thingy.
So far I've learned how to tag images and rename them and add keywords and such.
Lesson 2 or there abouts.
What I haven't learned is how the file system works.
In retrospect, I shouldn't have been fooling around with them files anyways.
I was and they are no more.
Apparently, the images got disconnected from the original file path and though I could see them in the Aperture browser, I couldn't do anything to them.
Like edit or print.
That's like 150 images, gone.
Not worry though.
I'll take more.
Images I mean.
Cause I'm a printing machine!

Okay, not really.
I mean I have a printing machine, I'm just take the pictures.
As you can see, I also got me an assortment of photo paper to fool around with and fool around I have been.
I gotta admit it took me awhile to figure out the print settings; again using both iPhoto and Aperture are sort of different.
I ended up with like six copies of one image trying to figure out how to adjust print quality.  Some of the advanced settings are a bit beyond me.
Seems it is tied to the type of paper you use.
Go figure.
Anyways, I've been sort of going print crazy:

It's interesting to note that the same colors run out first on the Epson printer at school too.
In looking at the images I've printed, I can see how I used the light cyan, but not so much the magenta.
I'm also surprised the black hasn't dipped much.
Anyways, I had to go and stock up:

I also go the full ink set on order.
More on this later.
Meanwhile, I got to make up for them lost files.
All 150 of em.

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