Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

I think I'm on to something.
Photography wise anyways.
Length is good.
Sort of.
There are a lot of variables that go into shooting basketball, most of which I'm starting to believe is luck.
I mean you gotta get lucky:

I think having some length is good, focal length I mean since it brings the subjects closer and fills the field of view.
The auto focus thingy now has stuff to focus on instead of the far background, which after looking at my images was part of the problem.
The auto focus focusing on the background I mean.
I also set the camera to manual and well, set the aperture and shutter and ISO.
I figured I'd worry about the exposure value later, in post processing.
I did have to brighten a few pictures up, but not like how I thought.
My white balance problems I believe are related to the gym lights; I'm starting to notice that it changes when the players are directly under them.  It also happens mostly on one side of the gym.
Go figure.
Out of 300 images, I saved about 150.
Out of that I'll probably end up with about a hundred good shots, maybe 20 really good shots.
More on this later.
Today is the start of kadomatsu season and off I go into the jungles to harvest some bamboo.
More on that later too.
Tis the season to be jolly.
Or something.

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