Friday, December 28, 2012

New Stuff!

I got me some new stuff!
For Christmas of course.
Well one stuff is not so new since it's already old:

That's right musical fans!
I got me a ticket to see Wicked!
Well I already went to see it last night and lemme tell you it was pretty good.
For a musical.
That's like where folks sing and dance on stage.
It's sort of a send up or behind the scenes look at the Wizard of Oz, telling the story that wasn't told.
You know, about the good witch and the eVil witch.
Great fun.
Now the hardware:

Lens cleaning essentials.
To carry all that stuff around, I also got me a honking big bag:

I picked the bag up on CL and to to be honest, it's like about two sizes too big but I was made an offer I couldn't refuse.
If you know what I mean.
It's so big I could load up like five cameras.
Well, you never know.
Then there's this:

Oh yeah baby!
I'm just a picture making machine!
Well, that Epson printer is a picture making machine, I just take the pictures.
It's a rocking and rolling and a making pictures in all it's wireless glory!
More on that later.
I mean it's something for me to do while yellow stuff keeps coming out of my nose.
You didn't need to know that.
On the other hand, maybe I'll take a picture.
Okay, not really.


Mark said...

Looks as though Santa Claus was pretty good to you. I just joined a pretty cool photography website. Its call 500px. You should check it out. There are some awesome pics on there.

Steve A said...

Actually, that bag looks like it can hold a gagillion camera items!

Mark said...

"a gagillion camera items!" and a small body.

limom said...

Mark, thanks I'll check it out.

Steve A, I'm working on it.

The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of an Claus Oldenburg sculpture.
LIke I should put it in my yard.
Or something.

Mark said...

I love the Claes Oldenburg reference that is funny. I have owned a dozen camera bags and every time I get one I think that is going to be it. No more bags, this one is going to be the one. It never happens that way. I buy a different lens, I start shooting something else, somehow, someway, things change and I end up wanting needing another bag. It is a vicious cycle.

limom said...

When I first looked a that bag, I thought No Way!
It's like giant!
Then I thought it's like reverse upgrading.
Now instead of looking for a bigger bag, I'm looking for a smaller one.