Friday, December 14, 2012


More like scaling back.
No, it's more like shipping everything off shore.
No longer will I be able to make goofy things at my convenience.
I'll have to make an appointment thank you very much.
It seems the compromises I'm facing involve location and square footage.
Actually it comes down to usable square footage as not all the space is really usable.
Five hundred square feet is in the affordable range, but only if it doesn't include a really long hall way/walk in area that suffices for usable space.
If you know what I mean.
So today I went and looked at a possible new location for the Command Center:

Just the way I like it.
A nondescript building, folks will have no clue that World Domination(WD) is being planned right under their schnozzes.
Well once they see the high tech stuff like tanks and jets they might get suspicious.
Then again, I could always use camouflage.
On the other hand, I only get one parking space.
Lemme tell you right now, all them pictures of the places are lies!
No really!
Them pictures make all them places look like palaces when in reality they are little more than holes in the concrete.
Or hollow tile.
Or something.
Anyways, this supposed 431 square foot place looked more like 43 square feet, not including the lanai.
With the lanai it might have been like 45 square feet.
It was small.
So I figure I need about a GAGILLION square feet for the new Command Center but I don't have a GAGILLION dollars.
Well the average price per square foot in Honolulu is something like $450 so I would actually need 450 GAGILLION dollars.
I have about 1/GAGILLIONth of that or $450 dollars.
I am sad.
Actually I have less than 1/GAGILLIONth of that because I just got this:

I figured I needed a bit more length for my basketball pictures and I picked that up on the cheap.
Sort of.
I mean it was relatively cheap.
So I'll be testing it out tomorrow night at the girls basketball game while I defer thinking about where I'm going to put all my crap.
I figure I can hang my bicycles on the wall.
That's all I really need right?
My bicycles I mean.
Oh and the ole laptop.
You know, so I can continue planning the WD thing.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Saw some cool bike wall hangers that were wooden boxes with slanted, rounded notches cut into the front for holding a top tube, which might look nicer than hooks or racks. One could paint cactus on the front, for decoration.

Bhushan Sawant said...

Nice bikes...Thanks for sharing such a great post.
lol....even i believe one could paint cactus on the front, for decoration.
OTR tyres India

limom said...

JRA, Interesting.
I know a place where I may be able to get some wine crates.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Another variation recently spotted is a triangular box perfectly shaped to fit inside the interior triangular region of the frame, also to hang on the wall. Could bang one of those together from wine crates, too, I suspect. Maybe.