Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding A Place to Hang Yer Hat

Ain't easy, lemme tell you.
I'm a looking high and low, low and high and all places in between.
Sort of.
I mean it's not like the New Flat Tire Command Center can relocate just anywhere!
It has to be strategically placed in order to take over the world.
Don't you know.
So anyways, it's coming down to how much I gotta drive.
I mean if I can find a place close to work then great, if not and I gotta drive back and forth then it's really gotta some other value.
One place I looked at is kinda nice, but sort of far and there isn't really anything close by.
Well actually when it's time to get a new kidney I could literally just walk across the street so it's like if I  pass out at home or anything the ambulance folks can just run over here.
It's just not within walking distance of anything else.
Besides when I went to check it out, there were like boxes in the driveway:

I don't know if I'd like to live someplace where I gotta dodge boxes in my driveway.
So I figure if I gotta go driving someplace I might as well live somewhere that's close to something like a market or some places to eat.
Except that place is on a fairly steep hill.
The good news is that it's downhill straight to where I work.
The bad news is that it's uphill after work.
Which actually isn't so bad since I have to drive anyways.
Or I could ride my bicycle to work and push it back up the hill after.
Which would be sort of bad.
Today I found a place across the street from work, but it's kinda small, a converted studio of sorts.
Which means it's one room with a partition to make another room.
So I guess it's still a studio, except it's got a bedroom.
Kinda sorta.
If you know what I mean.
I'll take a look see later.
The thing is, I sort of thought finding a new headquarters was going to be easy, but boy is it not!
There are all kinds of things to consider and compromises to be made.
Hopefully not too many compromises.

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